Website Design 101: 5 Latest Trends

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Simplistic, Striking and Eye-Catching

Don’t let your message get lost in an overwhelming, busy layout. Incorporating too much striking, annoying details will not only frustrate users. It will also slow down your pages, and worsen customer experience. Keep your website eye-catching and striking, yet simple to the eye.

Bold and Beautiful

The latest website design trends include bold, beautiful typesets. More and more designers are utilizing bold designs with entertaining, informative and unique content. If you want to wow your guests, try using some AI features, alongside high-quality images and videos.

Mobile First

A mobile-first approach must be part of each website strategy. Do you know that over half of website traffic already comes from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices? By incorporating a mobile-first tactic, you can cater to more visitors.

Inclusive Website Design

Only users can answer if your pages are user friendly. In order to ensure this, your website must be an inclusive one, with lots of accessibility features. The more inclusive your web design is, the more you can provide the needs of your target market.

Entertain and Empower

Every successful website is magical, and has the power to entertain. With great design and content, you can achieve this too. You will be able to keep you target customers’ attention much longer. What elements should you include in your website, then? Try interactive animation, how-to content and fun cursors.

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