The Worst Gambling Movie

There are so many movies about gambling, perhaps more than hundreds even. They always bring thrills and they were almost always entertaining. However, some are just truly awful and we are going to talk about those gambling movies that were just terrible to watch and should never have been made and released for the world to watch.

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  1. Runner Runner


This movie was just unbearable. They should have known it was going to be one of the worst movies ever made when they paired up Ben Affleck with Justin Timberlake.


Runner Runner, released in 2013 may have had a promising cast but promising is the opposite of what this movie turned out to be. A quick Google search would instantly show a disappointing 9% score on rotten tomatoes. 


The plot follows a Princeton grad student, Richie (Justin Timberlake) who just got duped and goes to Costa Rica to confront Ivan Block (Ben Affleck), an online gambling tycoon.


Block baits in Richie, making use of his high wealth and influence to seduce him. Then Richie discovers the horrific truth about his new Mentor. When the feds are pressing Richie to help bring Ivan Block to his knees, he faces the most difficult and biggest risk of his career, trying to outsmart these two external forces closing in on him.


The movie really had the potential to be a decent movie, but it has so many obstacles to leap over to make it happen. Bad chemistry between Timberlake and Affleck is an enormous annoyance as you watch the film.


Not to mention, the writing for this movie is just terrible. The script feels somewhat incomplete.


With an unfinished script, poor writing, poor direction and poor cinematography, it’s no mystery why this film got a rating of 9% on rotten tomatoes. The poor type of script really created a lack of empathy for the characters in the movie.


  1. Ocean’s Twelve


Ocean’s Eleven was iconic and almost everyone loved it. The same thing can’t be said for its sequel. And it is not uncommon for sequels to turn out worse than the first movies, it is almost like it is a tradition in the film industry. 


We see the beginning of a perhaps-sometimes-fun-but-more-often-disappointing storyline in Ocean’s Twelve. We see Danny Ocean (George Clooney) and his team of robbers run into some serious troubles after having successfully robbed 5 casinos in one evening.


Since successfully pulling off one of the biggest heists Las Vegas has ever seen, the crew sadly has already lost all of their profits from the previous heist and found themselves in need of money once again. 


Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), a casino owner, is demanding that the crew recover all of the money they stole in addition to millions of dollars more in interest. When Ocean could not get the money, the team had to come together again to try and pull out a series of heists again like they did previously but this time in Europe. 


Ocean’s Twelve returned home with $100 million less than their first movie, Ocean’s Eleven. 


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