Staying Updated With All The New NFT Projects

new NFT projects

I’m sure you’ve all heard of what NFTs are. If you’re still unsure of what they really are and would like a simple explanation, fret not– we will explain it to you. But if you are aware of what NFTs are, and you would like to know where it is you can view all the new NFT projects, you need to keep reading this article as it will be helpful for you. 

So, what are NFTs? 

NFT actually stands for non-fungible token. A non-fungible item would mean that an item is unique in its existence, so it cannot be replaced with anything else on the market. For instance, I’m sure you’ve heard of the term bitcoin. Bitcoins are fungible, which is because it can be traded for money, or for another form of cryptocurrency that has the same value. An NFT token on the other hand, is non fungible, so there won’t be duplicates and nothing can be completely identical with one another. 

Each NFT has its own owner and creator, with an ID to identify it. NFTs exist of the Ethereum blockchain which is an up and coming form of crypto currency like Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Binance. Initially, Ethereum used to be the main form of currency for NFTs but as time has passed, most blockchains have started to have their own takes on NFTs. 

How Do You Get Access To All The New NFT Projects?

If you are someone who is very interested in the NFT movement, surely it is hard for you to keep track of all the different sources and websites as NFTs come from different places. You might have your own calendar to track the NFT drops, but it can’t be enough as sometimes you will have NFT drops that you may not know about. What we suggest to you then is to checkout NFTeller! 

NFTeller isn’t like any other NFT calendar you will find out there. The NFTs that are on their calendars are all featured new NFT projects and are highly curated. You won’t be missing out on the best NFT drops, as their elite team of officials will review all the NFT projects being sent before they place it on their calendars. Their reviewing protocols include vetting the production team, conducting interviews, double checking the blockchain and reviewing the roadmap. 

They have a multitude of different NFT genres you can view on their calendar so you will not run out of options whether you are looking to invest or to just browse through NFTs. They even have a discord channel you can join so that you’ll always be informed and you can interact with other avid NFT-ers about your interests too. 

new NFT projects

Are you convinced? In the off chance that you are, you should definitely check out NFTeller as they have many other features that could help you if you are interested in the NFT metaverse and cryptocurrency. 

Willie Lee

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