Maternity Bra Guide: Getting the Support You Need

Needs as a Mom

It’s true that shopping for your baby is exciting and fun. After all, there are tons of quality baby bibs and baby bath accessories in Malaysia you can choose from. But, keep in mind that it’s also important to take note of your needs as a mom. One of the most important clothing pieces you would need is a maternity bra.

Between 8 to 10 weeks into pregnancy, your breasts would start to change. There is no doubt that you would begin to outgrow your normal bra size. Looking for the best type of maternity bra is simple, once you get to know the key details.

While breastfeeding, or during pregnancy, the average mother can go up to 4 cup sizes. Each mother has a different experience. Don’t worry. You will have lots of time to get used to your new body shape. Just remember to choose the most comfortable maternity bra, depending on your requirements.

  • Your maternity bra must be made from breathable fabrics. Maternity bras are mainly made from cotton. This allows your skin to breathe easier.
  • Your maternity bra must be adjustable. It should have at least 4 hook positions, so you can adjust the underband all throughout the day.
  • Your maternity bra should provide more support.

Maternity Bra Timeline

  • 1st trimester. Soon, you will get used to wearing your maternity bra. It is highly recommended to use the first hook position. This would allow you to make adjustments, as your own breast size increases. 
  • 2nd trimester. Around 12 to 28 weeks of pregnancy, your rib cage would expand in order to accommodate your bump. Your cup and back measurements would increase during this time period.
  • 3rd trimester. Around 28 to 40 weeks of pregnancy, you need to have one more fit, most especially if your current maternity bra feels a bit tighter.
  • Feeding bra. Around 36 weeks, it’s highly recommended to buy a feeding bra. Essentially, this is just a maternity bra with retainer straps and drop clips. The bra strap stays in its place even during feeding time.

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