eCommerce 101: How to Improve Your Business’ Online Presence

Are you looking for quality ecommerce website development services in Malaysia? In order to ensure a wider digital presence, you need to do more than just hiring seasoned professionals. Below are things you need to focus on, and learn about as you create your ecommerce platform.

1.Web Hosting

Hosting a website with your preferred domain name is a specific service ISPs normally provide. This comes with the internet access services. However, you don’t need to utilize ISP to host your platform. You can look for your own hosting company, and arrange services based on you’re a competitive rate.

2.Search engines and Advertising

What is the use of setting up an ecommerce website if you still won’t be found by your customers online? This is an important part of managing an online business. You need to be seen online. This includes registering with Google and other search engines. Pay for services that can do this for you.

3.Secure Transactions

Managing an online business also involves dealing with an experienced IT consultant. This can be a bit expensive, but you can also explore other alternatives. Feel free to talk to your local online access center for significant advice on how to secure your transactions.


Security is an essential concern for all internet users. If you want to offer credit card payment methods, it’s imperative to add a safe server to your platform. This means that your data that will be transferred is encrypted, so only the two computers involved in the entire exchange would understand what just occurred.

5.Online Catalogue

Do you want to integrate an online database that is connected to sales and inventory data? If yes, having an additional database server is a requirement. This would enable business owners to monitor orders, and address inventory requirements.

Willie Lee

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