Cool Outfits You Can Wear While Working From Home

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It can be a tough thing not to master whether you’ve been working from home for a few months or have been thrust back into remote working with the arrival of the second wave of the coronavirus in Malaysia. Even clothing companies are struggling to market their products to their target customers. Fortunately, MLM software companies can help them. View here for MLM software if you want to try giving it a look. Besides that, staying productive and setting up your home office are both challenges, but it’s also crucial not to blur the borders between work and home life too much. 


While skipping your morning commute and staying in your pyjamas all day may seem appealing at first, it’s all too easy to ignore the need of getting dressed. We’re all about comfort, but with so many Zoom calls on the horizon, it’s critical to maintain a professional demeanour––which will also help your brain adjust to “work mode.” To lend a hand, we’ve compiled a list of five outfits that are ideal for remote working––all of which promise to be stylish, comfy, and presentable on your next video chat.


  • The Easy Button-Up

Who hasn’t aspired to the laid-back sartorial ease of a Nancy Meyers protagonist at some point in their lives? I’m replacing my crisp poplin shirts with more relaxed fabrics that I can readily wash as my excursions to the dry cleaner grow less regular. This Aritzia cotton shirt is wrinkle-resistant and looks like something Meryl Streep’s character in It’s Complicated would wear while making pastries. Did I mention it washes in the machine?

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  • Anastasia Crop Cardigan

I can’t seem to get enough of cropped cardigans. I have a few thrift faves, but I knew I had to get this rosette-covered For Love & Lemons sweater the moment I saw it—I am a sucker for pink whimsical details. This cardi has been my go-to layering piece this winter while working from home. It can also be worn as a crop top in the spring. Just throw on a pair of bright high-waist sweatpants and you’ll be ready for your next video conference. 


  • Wide-leg Trousers and a Tee

For good reason, linen is a summer classic, providing a light, easy-to-wear, and flattering option for both shirts and pants. Pair with plain white or black jeans and a black tee for a work-from-home style. Put on Faithfull The Brand’s tiger-print wide-leg trousers for a more unique take on the monochrome outfit, which also go well with a cotton top from Franke Shop. To add interest, take a page from our Senior Fashion Editor’s book and add some statement jewellery from Pacharee.


  • Kumquat pants

In an ideal world, I’d WFH in jeans, but because I don’t have a desk, my objective has been to locate pants that are comfortable enough to wear on the sofa while yet looking put-together (no sweats or leggings allowed). These trousers (which I got for 80% off on Black Friday) have a leggings-like feel to them, but the thick scuba fabric, modest flair, and side zip elevate them. They’re quite comfortable and look wonderful with large sweaters, and I think they’ll be polished enough for the office with a pair of heels when (if?) we return.

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