5 Pro Event Planning Tips for Beginners


There are some people who aspire to become professional event planner. It is actually a lucrative career as people are willing to spend a lot of money just to make their events extra special.

That being said, what are the things that a beginner event planner should do? I’ve actually collated some of the best tips that the pros have shared in the past. Today, I am going to talk about them, so newbies, better take heed!

1. Start Planning Early

If a client comes to you and their event is 2 or 3 months from now, you have to start as early as tomorrow. You see, when you’re going to begin immediately, you will not suffer the consequences of reserving the venue, getting the right catering service, ordering the flowers, and so on.

The services I’ve mentioned are quite hard to get if you happen to get their services only a few weeks before the event. Therefore, as a newbie, once you get a client and they’ve set their specific date, start moving immediately.

2. Make a Plan

Events have different factors that could go awry if you do not plan accordingly. You cannot just juggle all of those tasks mentally because it can put a lot of strain on you.

What you can do is make a tangible checklist so that you can easily cross off things that you’ve already done. If the event is too far away (at least 3 months from now), you could put the tasks in chronological order until you finish everything.

On the other hand, if the occasion is in the next 4 weeks, you have to arrange the tasks in order of importance, starting with the reservation of the venue, getting a caterer, and other relevant services that are needed for the event.

3. It is Not a One-Man Show

Even if you want to come out as the hero, you cannot do all of the tasks alone as it would be impossible to do so.

Therefore, newbie event planners should know that they have to have a dedicated team with them so that you can delegate tasks for them to do.

Be sure to orient them with your plan so that they will know how to perfectly execute it
that will delight not only you, but also the clients as well.

4. Establish a Budget

You cannot execute your plan without money. That is just a cold hard truth about event planning. And, the budget will be set by the clients, but you could also suggest to them how much they need to make their events more memorable.

If, however, you’re going to plan a corporate event with, at least, 300 guests, your company’s budget might not be big enough to pull it off. In case of large-scale events, you need to get a sponsor to somehow give you more money to work with.

5. Are You Not Entertained?

Guests not only expect to be fed, but they also want to be entertained as well. No matter how formal or informal the event is, you need to have some form of entertainment.

Some ideas would include a DJ, a band, a group of dancers (or a pair), or even a magician or something. Never forget about this as this is one of the things that will make the occasion extra special.

Willie Lee

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