5 Best Baby Bibs for Your Childr

1.Happy Healthy Parent Baby Bib

Looking for the best baby bibs in Malaysia can be overwhelming. There are tons of brands and variants to choose from. If your child is a messy eater, you may want to consider silicone baby bibs. This specific bib comes in different colors, and are easy to clean. Make sure that you have this for your little one’s next meal.

2.Luvable Friends Bib

Luvable Friends baby bibs are classic choices that can also serve as feeding bibs and drool bibs. You can expect its absorbent terry cloth to protect your kid’s clothing pieces from spills. Choose your kid’s favorite colors! This brand offers a vast range of color sets at affordable prices.

3.Hi Sprout Sleeved Bib

Hi Spout provides one of the most efficient baby bibs on the market. It comes in different fun patterns, and can cover a toddler’s entire outfit in order to keep everything clean. This bib is very easy to take off and put on, and wouldn’t give you any trouble during meal times.

4.Bumkins Waterproof Bib

Bumkins bibs are parent favorites for good reason. Their waterproof baby bibs come in many cycles, depending on how big or how old your baby is. You can either wipe it down after feeding time, or wash it using your machine.

5.KiddyStar Bandana Bib

These bandana baby bibs are both stylish and comfortable for your little one. It has adjustable snaps to make sure that the baby’s hair wouldn’t get caught in the strings or Velcro. Moreover, the material is absorbent and thick with adorable patterns.

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