3 Important Things Every Web Designer Should Know

Web design is a lucrative business nowadays since businessmen and company owners want to have a digital presence to, hopefully, gain more customers.

That being said, if you’re a web designer, there might be some terms that are esoteric or unknown to you, so in this article, I will talk about the most important things that you should know based on the best website design company.

  1. Responsive Design

What is Responsive Web Design or RWD? Simply put, this is a means for you to create a website that can be seen optimally no matter what device a person uses to access your website.

Back in the day, we only use our desktop and laptop computers to access the web. But now, we use our mobile phones, tablets, and other similar portable devices.

In 2007, Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, has introduced the first Apple iPhone to the public. Many critics have said bad things about it. They even went on to say that it is just an outlandish idea.

But, after just a few months, those critics ate their words as the iPhone paved the way for more smartphones to come into production. Nowadays, people use smartphones for pretty much anything, including accessing the internet.

Since there are plenty of different screen sizes and resolutions, responsive web design just makes it so that it “adapts” to the different screens and orientations.

For example, if your website can be viewed optimally on a computer, it should also be viewed well on a portable device. And, whether the person is using the landscape or portrait mode orientation, it should still scale really well without any graphical glitches.

  1. HTML5 and CSS3

Now, we’ll go to the more technical side of things. HTML5 is the programming language and it pretty much creates the foundation of your website. Think about CSS3 as a medium where it provides the necessary colors and other design elements on your webpage.

Both are programming languages that perfectly mesh with the other. In fact, they have a close marriage that one cannot simply live without the other. If one is not present, it will not look good in the end.

CSS3 is very important because it automatically shows or hides any elements that are supported or unsupported by a certain device, respectively.

  1. CMS

Have you ever heard of WordPress? That is just a prime example of a CMS or Content Management System.

Without getting too technical, a CMS basically provides you with an easy alternative to create a website.

Back in the day, a person would have to painstakingly put thousands and thousands of different lines of code just to create a website. Although it is pretty to do so, editing just a single bit of information on your website would mean that the person would have to detect where the error is that is buried in the sea of code.

But, that is not applicable nowadays thanks to CMS. You could say that it is a website builder of some sorts. Typically, what you just do is select a template, add some relevant plugins, and then slowly add your content on the page and you’re done.


As a web designer, it is important that you know or, at least, become familiar with these terms. These things are essential for helping you develop websites for you and your client.

Willie Lee

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