10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2019

The goal of any business ecommerce website development would be to not only drive as much traffic as possible, but to also increase conversion as well. In today’s article, I will be talking about 10 ways you can increase your website traffic that is applicable in 2019 (and beyond).

Writing Guest Posts in a Different Way

One of the best ways for you to increase your site’s traffic would be to do some guest posting. The idea is to go to an authoritative website in your niche and then hand out some blog posts there and the website will give links to your website, thus increasing traffic.
However, most people do not read the entire blog post and most of the time, your credentials will only be visible at the bottom of the page.

So, what should you do? Well, you employ an “upside down” approach. Basically, you provide a link to your website by adding your website to the list of “helpful resources”.

Doing it this way will improve clicks and help drive traffic to your website.

Update Your Existing Content

There might be some of your content that needs some updating- probably because there is new information or that the old tips do not work in this day and age.

Take a look at your old content pieces and see if there is update information that you can add so that your content remains fresh.

Use LSI Keywords

Google has changed its algorithm in a way that favors complementary keywords. Also known as LSI Keywords, you should use them in order to complement your main keyword.

For instance, if your topic is all about social media, then using keywords such as Facebook profile, Twitter feed, and any other terms can really help increase your recognition in Google’s eyes.

Content Transformation

People rarely read anymore, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot repurpose your existing content. Instead of blog posts, transform your existing content in other formats such as videos, for example.

Be a Guest in Other People’s Podcast

Podcasts have become a great way for you to get exposure. And no, I do not recommend that you start your own; I recommend that you be a guest in another person’s podcast. Look for more popular individuals in your niche and become a guest there.

Write Content for Influencers

You want to have something for the influencers as they have a massive following. If you create content that is targeted to them, they will return the favor and have their followers go to your website.

Organize a Giveaway Contest

People love to win something which is why you want to host a giveaway contest. Basically, what you want to do is that you encourage your customers to do specific things that will help increase traffic.

For example, you can lead them to your website and then liking a post there or something and then add a clause that they also have to share that particular post to their friends as well. That will undoubtedly increase traffic.

Reduce Your Bounce Rates

Bounce rate is a metric that tells you how many people go to your website but ultimately leaves shortly after. This is a bad thing as a high bounce rate indicates that your website is not authoritative or trustworthy.

So to help decrease that, make sure that your website’s aesthetics look professional and clean, make sure that your content is relevant, and also make sure that you include all testimonials and reviews as well.

Create More Long-Form Content

Want another way to reduce bounce rates? Create more long-form content. One technique to create a compelling one is to write something that is not only interesting, but also one that requires users to only scroll down.

Repost Old Content in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one platform that people go to the most which is why reposting your old content there is a good thing.

Source: https://backlinko.com/increase-website-traffic

Willie Lee

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